About Us

The Guild came into existence in 1996. We started as a small group of local woodworking enthusiasts in North Scituate, Rhode Island. At first, it was a parochial group receiving sponsorship from the town by being provided a monthly meeting place at the North Scituate Meeting House. The idea back then was as it remains today; to provide a place for networking and socializing among woodworkers. Group membership fluctuates between 60 and 100 members at any given time.

In 2019, the regular meetings were moved to Ocean State Academy at 1301 Elmwood Ave. in Cranston, Rhode Island. This location provides a central location for the group that has drawn members from all over Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. This meeting venue also allows the group to do hands-on demonstrations and training while utilizing a fully functional shop.

A number of events are regularly held, including trips to museums, visits to well known woodworker and woodworking schools, galleries of members’ works and many other activities in which members express interest.

Contact Us

The guild maintains an email address, WWGRI.wood@gmail.com, which is monitored by current officers.

WWGRI Officers

John Conway, President
Susan Baugh, Secretary
John Petriella, Treasurer
Brian Brazil, Newsletter Editor
Ned Quist, Program Committee
Merle Krueger, Program Committee
Tim Thorp, Media Director